More Engaging Communication

for Digital Marketers and 
Content Creators who want to:

Build relationships with a highly engaged audience!

Let visitors control the pace at which they interact with your video, audio text and image content.

Create simple Calls to Action and conversions that build lifetime value.

"Each individual company, large or small, will need to get better and better at building trusted relationships with their audience, earning the right to learn who they are and what they're interested in.” - Hubspot (July 2021)

Eager for higher message impact?

We are launching a pilot program to help digital marketers and content creators increase their audience impact with flipbooks. In this project based learning program you will create several flipbooks that you can use immediately. You will also develop the skills and resources to create and sustain deeper relationships.

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Deepen Your Audience's Web Experience of Your Message
The Four Step Formula for maintaining trust connections
includes a demonstration of how to use flip books to stimulate deeper conversations.
Just one way to deliver richer, engaging experiences for your tribe!  
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Trust Relationships

"After building a relationship, customer spend grows alongside trust. "


"The average, loyal customer spends 67% more in their 31st to 36th month... than in their first six months of the relationship."


Customer Experience

"An average of 68% of new customers come from current customers."


"Companies with great experiences have a 16% price premium on products and services."


More Interest For Web Traffic

It's all about increasing the Know, Like, and Trust factor. Flipbooks deliver longer session duration and reduce the bounce rate. Your audience is more engaged and responsive to your message.

Free Webinar - Available 24/7 - On Demand

The 26 minute Webinar Will Introduce You to the Four Step Formula for Transforming Your Online Content
Learn how flipbooks are uniquely able to deliver rich, engaging experiences for your audience 


From the earliest beginnings, paint your story canvas using a rich multimedia tool that delivers a transformational message that cannot be unseen.


Create no boundaries in your communication with customers — share your vision without limits or constraints. 


INTERACT don’t TELL.Engage your community with all their senses to deepen the relationship through dynamic interactions.
Adopt the radical idea:

“I’m not really listening unless I’m willing to be changed by you.” - Alan Alda


Micro commitments create profound transformations. Learn how this step-by-step progress encourages change.  

Jump in to our free on demand webinar on creating your first flipbook and engage your audience like never before.

“Yes, I think it's okay to abandon the big, established, stuck tribe.

It's okay to say to them, "You're not going where I need to go, and there's no way I'm going to persuade all of you to follow me. So rather than standing here watching the opportunities fade away, I'm heading off. I'm betting some of you, the best of you, will follow me.”


Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us